About Craig

Craig Phinn - From High School Dropout To Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Every day, business success coach Craig Phinn transforms businesses into more profitable and successful enterprises. As the owner of four corporations, his business interests span real estate, entrepreneurial training and development, health and wellness, and technology products. Craig Phinn graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and has published dozens of articles on business management, leadership, sales, marketing, and branding.  But his path to soaring success wasn't lined with rose petals.

From the Bottom to the Top

With all that Craig Phinn has achieved, it’s hard to believe his humble, difficult beginnings. Imagine hearing the words "you will never be anything" from your own father! While those words could break the spirit of some people and create a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure for others, to Craig, those words served as his motivation to succeed against the odds.

At the age of six, Craig’s father left his family. With no marketable skills, his mother was forced to rely on welfare to support herself and her four children. When he turned sixteen, Craig did the unthinkable — he moved out of his mother's house and dropped out of high school. But it was at that young age that he recognized the benefits of business ownership.  He got his first taste of being his own boss by becoming a partner in an up and coming fashion brand in New York City. He hasn’t looked back since.

Despite his newfound independence, Craig struggled at first. With limited funds, he was responsible for his own rent, utilities, and other necessities, but he didn’t quite have a handle on money or business management. His car was repossessed and he wasted countless hours pursuing dead end deals.

Recognizing that his options were limited by not having a diploma, he returned to school and earned his GED, followed soon after by a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.

His experiences over the next ten years would cause him to coin the phrase, "Failure is the greatest teacher to the person who has not stopped learning." These lessons would serve him well as he worked his way up the corporate ladder from office assistant to Director of Finance and Administration within the financial services and consultancy industries, while simultaneously building his own businesses.

Craig Phinn started a number of businesses, all of which failed except two: a financial management company and a multi-level marketing business. Craig hit his stride in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world; at the age of twenty-four, he was managing multi-million dollar budgets. By twenty-six, his knack for numbers and critical thinking skills had earned him a seat at the table structuring and negotiating multi-million dollar deals.

Craig Phinn now makes his home in Atlanta with his family. Years ago, he was able to find the greatness inside himself - in spite of his socio-economic limitations and obstacles placed in his path - to achieve the personal and business successes he has seen thus far. Today his focus is helping entrepreneurs’ find their own greatness and live the life they’ve always dreamed of.